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Accounting Team​

We are the accounting team who interfaces with all SEEK’s customers and give the BEST customer service around.  We take care of our internal staff, assignment employees, customers and vendors and do it with big “happy” smiles on our faces. Here is a little bit more about our team members:


First off we’ve got “Cool Guy Tai” Lee who keeps his cool while juggling payroll, benefits, and professionals.


Next we’ve got Corin “Corn Cob” Minor, even if you call her Corn instead of Corin, she’ll still help you with your payroll or SEEK Professionals questions while shes juggling responsibilities from both companies.

On to Candy “Beat Chips” Braatz, doesn’t her name sound delicious?  While Candy is crunching on her favorite beat chips she’s handling payroll questions, child support, and garnishments.

Next is that Tawny “Crazy Flamingo Lady” Lewis.  She is a pink feathery ball of fun, and she is also the one who processes payroll, takes all your payroll and AE benefit related questions, and bills out the big dollars in DH and liquidations.

Next is Shannon “Shenanigans” Killeen who uses the luck of the Irish to prepare financial statements, interface with auditors, and calculate commissions.

Just around the corner is Michelle “Sporty Spice” Bugajski our new VP of Finance.  As the newest recruit  and captain of our team, she is planning to give us the competitive edge in all things financial.


Finally we have Steve “Inspector Bean” Biedenbender who in addition to counting beans, also investigates new credit, past due invoices, and accounts payable invoices that cross his desk. 


Team Brag:

Our biggest team brag is that we’ve had 3 team members and over 50 years of accounting experience leave our team within 18 months of each other.  Did we crumble?  NO!  We are still servicing our teams and even looking for fresh new ways to give the best customer service!